Ke$ha Wakes Up Feeling Like Herself

After months of waking up “feeling like P. Diddy,” Ke$ha, the singer of the hit song “Tik Tok,” woke up feeling like herself after the effects of a four day cocaine bender wore off.

“It didn’t feel too different,” she posted on her Twitter account.  Music executives have rushed to quell the rumors that the song, in its entirety, was a sham all along.

“Kesha did not genuinely inhabit the body of Sean Combs,” RCA Records executives said in a statement. “That is more literal interpretation than originally intended.  In fact, to set the record straight at the risk of her fans needing to alter their translation of the song, she consistently woke up feeling irrelevant and like people didn’t really know what she did for a living.”

When asked via Twitter by a high school football captain if she had ever brushed her teeth with Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, Kesha was advised to tread carefully in her answer: “because I’d lose mad respect for you if you didn’t. That shit is pretty awesome, bro.”

The pop star admits to being slightly overwhelmed to all the attention paid to her post on the social networking site, but music industry analysts are nonplussed.

“It’s simply a matter of relating to people. How many morons does it take to make another moron famous?” said Jim Ashton, a widely-respected music blogger who tracks the latest industry trends.  “Answer: enough to break digital music downloading records.” At this, Ashton shakes his head, seeming genuinely baffled.


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